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Small Room Design Ideas! About How to maximize the narrow corners of the room? – Matroshka Design

corners design ideas

Small Room Design Ideas! How to maximize the narrow corners of the room? these corners are often underestimated, but did you know, by maximizing an appropriate design and furnishings, you can create a corner, into different rooms; a multipurpose room.

As a perfect example, look at the compact design of furniture and placement offered by read more »

Functional shelf – wall mounting bracket design by Tuyo Design Studio – Boa Shelf

Designed by Pal Jacobsen and Margarita Garcia for Norway manufacturer, Tuyo Design Studio, this is Boa Shelf. We could call this is a combination of shelf and functional storage space. Designers utilize pressed wood and felt as the main material. Look at the results, there is a unique-shaped shelf, but look at it from different sides, felt function to creates a mechanism for wall mounting bracket.
Take a look.
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Multifunctional home furnishing by Phillip Don – ‘Stand Up’ collection

One again, the design of furniture that can be transformed into other useful home furnishings. Designed by Phillip Don here is ‘Stand Up’ furniture sets, transformable chairs, tables made out of wooden bars can fold up or down in the back to create form other chair designs. You can repositioning the vertical wooden bars, and look its become book shelf. Take a look, we felt that this multifunctional furniture is perfect for those of you who live in small apartments with limited space.
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