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Change industrial building into private residence

This is an apartment designed by Fredrico Delrosso, changed a factory building in an industrial part of Milan into a private residence. Called The Twin Lofts, this building is divided into two apartments where one of the apartments be a home studio for Delrosso himself.

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Berlin’s rooftop apartments design by Iris Steinbeck Architekten

Situated near the river Spree in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Iris Steinbeck Architekten succeeded in realizing the desire of a businesswoman internationally active in the field of lifestyle and sustainable development to redecorate the rooftop apartment as a private residence became more comfortable.

Iris Steinbeck Architekten presents the modern classic ambience to this rooftop apartment. White color for the furniture stood in contrast with warm brown tones of wood flooring. Fireplace be center point of the living room, add warm atmosphere to this modern classic rooftop apartments design. Further detail please see the picture below.

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Contemporary house renovation by SSH

Contemporary house renovation by SSH

SSH renovate this house, including the section or field : complete transformation of building additional structure, including master bedroom, barrel-vaulted copper roof and east wing extension, re-rendering and cladding of exterior. Further info from SSH after the picture.

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Residence M, a Private Residence Design by Project A.01 Architects in Vienna, Austria.

Residence M in Vienna by Project A.01 ArchitectsResidence M in Vienna by Project A.01 Architects

Situated in vienna, Austria, Project A.01 architects has designed this private residence for a young family in Vienna. read more »

Private Residence in Tropical Hawaiian Climate by Pete Bossley Architects

Private Residence by Pete Bossley Architects

From the architects “This private house proposes a new way of living in the tropical Hawaiian climate. Whereas most houses on Maui are sealed air-conditioned boxes, this residence is predominantly naturally ventilated, designed to take advantage of the sea breezes to cool the interior and exterior spaces. The roof overhangs are carefully designed to ensure direct sun is kept form all glazed surfaces and interior spaces, the flowing water completes the microclimate and offers beautifully dappled reflections onto the undersides of roofs. The house is composed of five separate buildings, linked by broad covered ways and wrapped around an open courtyard. The living pavilions are able to be totally opened to encourage airflow, and to provide views from the courtyard through to the sea.”. For further detail visit Private Residence by Pete Bossley Architects.

Private Residence by Pete Bossley Architects
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