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Small Apartment Ideas : 40sqm – utilize every part of the room

Small Apartment Ideas

This is a project about how to utilize every part of the 40 sqm apartment room became more functional and more comfortable. Designers removed the hallway and combined a living room with a kitchen and a dining area. Brilliant idea, every corner of the room used as a storage and bookcases. Two large cabinets placement near the entrance is a great solution in the utilization of space and function.

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61 Square meters apartment interior bring wonderful life

Well, everyone would want a wonderful life even though that we have is limited. “Limited” I mean is space and “life” is house that we have.

An example is this small apartment in sweden, only with 61 square meters, but the interior with all the arrangement of furniture looks very life to bring happiness. The color palette is cheerful, yet subtle and tasteful. The living room greets the guests with its homey feel: pillows on the floor, plenty of books to chose from.

There are many glazed windows to make the boundary between inside and outside is minimal. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. Take a look and let the pictures explain.

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Smooth colors in Decorating the Apartment Interior in Miami

This Miami apartment interior was designed by Federica Bisazza, the interior has richness of color, especially smooth bright colors. Designer added French windows in all rooms to provide more open view to one room to others room and look out around the apartment. Furniture with beautiful colors are also an option in decorating this small apartment interior, ranging from chairs, lamps, decorative floor until roof are blends beautifully as the interior. Further detail please visit lui.ru.

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Loft beds for small apartment or flats from Compact Living

Designed to your flats or apartment with limited space, Murphy beds or loft beds from Compact Living comes as “space saving” solution.
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Small apartment interior design style in the 1850s in Lisbon, Portugal

We were really impressed with the interior design of this apartment, we feel brought to the 1850s, every detail of the interior is shown with furniture matches the theme, supported by the arrangement of furniture, make this small apartment really alive. Owners seem to want to tell the story of the past through the design of this small apartment, we loved it. However, the more interesting part is that the home was redecorated by a family and the work was done without consulting any specialists. Well, why do not we try to appreciate the idea of our own, we believe we gained satisfaction may be more pronounced. I hope to be your inspiration. via freshome
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How to take advantage of unused space in small apartment became more functional? Idea from LOGOS

How to take advantage of unused small space into a functional room? at this time we give examples design from Logos, about how to take advantage of unused space in a small apartment to be used as a kitchen, although small but all the kitchen needs are within them. A new idea of the Logos to a small apartment on the beach belongs to Helena. According to the logoscoop.com an official Logos site;
A novel idea was to choose a kitchen hidden behind folding doors. The chosen solution did not make the kitchen into a feature, but added to the atmosphere of the rest of the house. This did not mean that the space was cramped or not functional as, despite being small, it had everything needed for a full kitchen. This kitchen therefore easily and discretely fitted in with the rest of the house, and can be left open or closed as Helena wants and with a special touch of originality and freshness thanks to the layered red and orange gloss colours.
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EGO – Multifunctional dining table set from Baita Design

NewsHouse-Table. Designed with a very creative, using every interrupted the construction of a table. EGO, dining table from Baita Design is a dining table set with a difference that makes the most of idle space underneath, as the middle section of the table rises to store your plates, cutlery, napkins, fruits, flowers or whatever you want. The lower section of the table comprises a closet with drawers to keep what you want, while a number of shelves store wines and other beverages alongside. Finished in Corian, wood and transparent acrylic, the dining table accompanies some simple lines chairs to complete the set, which brings lightness to the entire unit. This table is suitable for those of you who have limited space in the dining room, or you can bring it to your small apartment. – via – The Design Blog

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