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Attractive decor with fun furniture pieces

We know decorate the room with colorful theme is so interesting, turn on the old model room becomes more attractive.

An interesting selection of furniture can be the first step in decorating the room becomes more attractive. Let’s try to see Box Sofa and Lounger from Look Industries below.

lounger box sofa

It’s so fun, then what should we do next?

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Fergana sofa with large sofa cushions

This sofa collection is designed with combine ancient weaving techniques from Uzbekistan with European industrial-manufacturing techniques. Look at the weaving techniques sofa cushions below …

These Fergana Sofa collection was designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.

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Hex Sofa with side table on the edge by Nosigner

Inspired by hexagonal crystal, the Japanese designer Nosigner has created Hex Sofa. Comes with sharp shape like a mineral ore, this sofa is completed with side table on the edge of the sofa.

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MUS Modular Sofa by Spanish designer Francesc Rifé

Another modular sofa should you make a collection, MUS is a modular sofa and it’s composed of various elements, including a chaise lounge and puffs, it’s also can go with auxiliary furniture such as coffee tables, side tables or accessories such as magazine racks and garden boxes. Full description is after the jump.

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Fabulous Seating Collection by Sander van der Haar and Jaromir Maas

Check this out the Sweet Seating Collection by Dutch designers Sander van der Haar and Jaromir Maas, the collection consists of stools, a hocker, and sofa made from beech wood and coated foam rubber. This amazing collection was designed for Dutch manufacturer Spell.

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JALIS sofa with special upholstery to provides support and fabulous comfort

Jehs + Laub has designed JALIS sofa for the manufacturer, COR. JALIS is taken from the Arabic, which means the magical word for relaxed communication, comfortable in any circumstances.

Description from COR:
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Boomerang Sofa Collection by Quim Larrea for Sancal – Boomerang Chill

Designed by Quim Larrea and manufactured by Sancal, this is Boomerang Chill, the latest piece in the Boomerang collection. The aboriginal boomerang weapon is taken as the backbone of the whole design of the chair made from solid ash. Boomerang Chill models include an easy chair, ottoman and chaise longue. Collection of beautiful furniture, ideal if you place it in the reading room. read more »

Environmentally Friendly Sofa from Recycled Materials – Blow Sofa

blow sofa

This is Blow Sofa from Malafor, made of recycled paper dunnage bags, which can be increased and held in place with metal shelves and cord to make it easy to transport while on the sofa. The materials used to complete the blow sofa are a dunnage bag, air, metal rack and rubber straps. The size of the sofa when fully inflated is 180 cm in width and 90cm in height. read more »