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Italian glass tabletop by Jacopo Foggini for Edra – Capriccio

Stop for a moment and look at the beauty of this table …

Beautiful Italian hallmark created in the design, Capriccio table was designed by Italian designer Jacopo Foggini for Edra. Description from Edra is after the jump.

glass tabletop

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Brainwash – Stools, table and bench from Luxxbox

Designed by Australian designer Jason Bird studio Luxxbox, this is indoor and outdoor furniture consist of stools, tables and benches that is called “Brainwash”.
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3 tables collection from Acerbis – strength of wood, stainless steel and crystal

This is three tables collection from Acerbis: Axis, Serenissimo and Grant. Axis was designed by Oscar Buratti and Gabriele Buratti, this table made of wooden at the top and legs in thin polished stainless steel plates, placed onto different perpendicular axes. The unusual legs position has been designed to support the top in an aerial and visibly light way, granting at the same time great stability and comfortable seating around the table.
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