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36 Drawes in Solo Storage Box

drawers storage box

Consists of 36 drawers with various lengths and sizes, the interactive storage space is designed to enhance visual appeal and functionality of the furniture. Designer Franck Tawema designing Solo Storage Box with a focus on size and monochrome color, black and white. Glance, this storage looks like a cube that neatly stacked, and with 36 drawers that are close together of course you need a system of a good label structuring. read more »

Functional shelf – wall mounting bracket design by Tuyo Design Studio – Boa Shelf

Designed by Pal Jacobsen and Margarita Garcia for Norway manufacturer, Tuyo Design Studio, this is Boa Shelf. We could call this is a combination of shelf and functional storage space. Designers utilize pressed wood and felt as the main material. Look at the results, there is a unique-shaped shelf, but look at it from different sides, felt function to creates a mechanism for wall mounting bracket.
Take a look.
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