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Artistic and decorative table lamps design by Lamp Art Design

Can not be denied, lighting becomes an important component in interior and exterior decorating. Lamp Art Design as companies that produce artistic and decorative lights, introduce forest lamp design, as one of their best lighting design. Made of stunning vascular skeletons of Samsan wood and plant leaves covered with beautiful cotton shades. Unique, natural, fresh and still warm, illuminating every room. Behold the beauty of this earthy lamp design. For further detail about the artistic and decorative lights please visit Lamp Art Design site.
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12 Table lamps and bedside lamps collection from Pottery Barn

Here are 12 classical table lamps and bedside lamps collection from Pottery Barn. Available in various materials and various finished; cast of iron with an antique-bronze finish, carved from hardwood and sealed with protective lacquer, cast of aluminum and iron with a textured bronze finish, crafted of clear handblown glass and hand-knotted jute rope, handmade from earthenware, cast of metal and finished in antique bronze, etc. read more »

1/4 sliced stand lighting, table lamps and floor lamps by Ji Young Shon

These lamps are designed to take advantage of the corners of the room walls, designer Ji Young Shon, cut cylinder lamp shade into 4 parts light from a conventional floor lamp design. “And now we save material, package, logistics and space as well.” that’s the main purpose of this lamp.

Available in two models for table and floor. Stand ¨ù – 1/4 sliced stand lighting for table and Stand ¨ù – 1/4 sliced stand lighting for floor. Take a look.
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Table lamps with Japanese-style ornaments by Davin Larkin

Davin Larkin has designed a lamp called “table lamp, mood lighting”. Designed with Japanese style, this lamp comes with a minimalist design, we love the beautiful ornaments that were presented by designer into this lamp, very elegant. The following are description about this lamp by designer, we are confident you will be more fall in love with this lamp after reading it. read more »

Hanoi lamp by Federico Churba – simple design filled with warmth of the light

Designed by Federico Churba, this is Hanoi lamp. A design that illustrates the simplicity to form a harmonious complexity. Using the concept of a simple light detail, but still provide a warm light and intimate as someone movements bowed or greeting. This lamp is realized in a horizontal plane of a shape and volume of material through the corner. [image by: federicochurba]
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Modern unique lamps Calimero from Cattelan Italy

modern unique lighting lamps from Cattelan Italy

Strong and unique impression looks on a lamp that designed by STC Studio for Cattelan Italy. The oversize head of the pendant that made from a metallic reflect a modern lamp. Calimero, name for this lamp, read more »