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GT08 Work Bench from Garcia Tamjidi

Product description :
This workbench functions as a meeting and lab table, with integral wire access flipper doors and high compression lockable casters for mobility. Powder coated steel frame and Corian work surface.[Garcia Tamjidi]
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When lights fell in love with table – Grow Up Light – Table by Kwon Jae Min

Creative ideas always come for a furniture design. And this time the idea came from Kwon Jae Min by combining lamp and table. Grow Up Light – Table, creative designs instantly retrieve materials from nature, buffer legs resemble tree branches that are mushrooming. Beautiful.

So, where we need to put it, we think this furniture is perfect for the interior with a minimalist concept.
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Pebble table by Matthias Demacker – openings table give multifunction aspect

Designed by Matthias Demacker for Bonaldo, this Pebble, table that inspired by stones washed smooth by the sea or a river. According to the thedesignblog.org; present smooth curves with openings in its body to highlight the floating lines. The openings on the design of this table in addition to adding aesthetic also has multifunctional aspect, you can save your favorite items such as magazines, comics, novels or other books to yours small accessories. via thedesignblog
Take a look.
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It is not a mirror – it is not a table, so what kind of this ?

If you’ve seen transformers movie where a lot robots transformed into a car and vice versa, you must be thinking how creative design of this table or mirror from Porada. I am also confused, I do not know how should to categorizes, mirror or table, okay let’s call it a mirror table or a table mirror, I am still confused …. Whatever kind of this, lets call it dining table, please if you have another opinion. Look at the picture below, a very creative design, you can fold it and then attach it to the wall then so be it a mirror. You want to make a dining table, simply place it on the floor get out the folds, it’s easy. – via – captivatist

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Globe shiny glass coffee table – steel sphere support

Globe is a glass coffee table from Cattelan Italia, shiny glass supported with steel sphere underneath, really beautiful, perfect for your living room, it’s would also become center of attention from every person. Amazing, this Globe table is available here. – via – homedit

Computer desk arrangement for gamers enthusiast – idea from Bajazetov

Comfortable table design, hanging screens, speakers are arranged, a comfortable sitting position is probably the dream of all the computer gamers, certain satisfaction obtained when we are successful in completing a story mission of the game, but for me, much more satisfied if our bodies can relax for hours to play. Here is the idea of structuring computer desk from Bajazetov, perfect design consider every corner of the eye when viewing the screen, ideal for playing multiplayer with your friends, look at this, hopefully can inspiring you.

Accordion Folding Kitchen Table – solution for small kitchens

Designed by Olga Kalugina here is Accordion Folding Kitchen Table. A modular kitchen with sneaky little triangular drawers popping out from the folds of the table, sliding counter tops, ample storage units and its cool design all speak out for the inimitability of the design. It’s sort of a transformer table, morphing from a simple table into the ultimate countertop. Neat little triangular drawers can pop out of the sides of the table when needed. Accordion Folding Kitchen Table is creative innovation for you that are looking for modular kitchens to fit in your small room. read more »

Creative extendable coffee table with sliding leaves

This is coffee table from Sculptures-jeux that offer ideal solution for those limit space on their dining room or living room. Most of the table have large rectangular extendable table with bicolor reversible sliding leaves, solid wood structure, top surface in laminate of various color. Every corner of this table you can exploit, you can brings six to eight of your buddies to enjoy a coffee together in this creative table.

Comes with creative design, colorful and fun, this table really be the ideal solution for those of you who have limited space. Take a look.

For further detail specification please visit Scultures-jeux site.

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