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Hi-tech wall system from Sharp

If you ask and looking for wall decor with hi-tech system, see what Sharp has designed below …

Wall system decor

Sharp designed 64 huge LED TVs covering three walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Sharp’s i3 Wall system uses 64 60-inch professional HDTVs costing around $800,000 without the controllers, cabling, mounts, sound system.

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New innovation in Wall Decor Ideas – Träullit hexagon sound absorbing

The new innovation Wall Decor Ideas from Form Us With Love, this Swedish design studio have created Träullit hexagon sound absorbing panels. Made of -wood slivers, cement and water- : in your mind this is definitely something that is not attractive, stiff and monotonous, but look at the picture below, you’ll be surprised.

wall decor ideas

Full description from the designer is after the jump…

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Beautify your wall decor with Tree Branch Bookshelf from Olivier Dolle

There are so many bookshelves / storage / wall decoration units designs that was inspired by the shape of a tree. The tree branch has inspired many designers to create furniture that is beautiful and versatile.

For example see Tree Bookshelf from Designartist Shawn’s, the design is comes with initial concept ‘A tree becomes a book becomes a tree’.

or look at the rather modern below, Fargus bookshelves from AL 26.98.

and the most recently we found is Tree Branch Bookshelf from French designer Olivier Dolle. The initial idea was slightly different from the two designs above, although it still remains inspired by tree branch. The idea was to beautify a wall decoration by combining wall decorations with Tree Branch Bookshelf.

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Wall decor, solution for those of you who get bored with walls of your house

Solution for those of you who are bored with walls of your house, plain white, no print and look pale, very boring – This is Rugiada from Q-bo, according to the yatzer.com; RUGIADA is a resistant and enduring ecological covering, created with selected Italian marbles and stones Bianco Carrara, Crema Luna and Ardesia Ligure. An exclusive process of sand blasting transforms these precious materials into three dimensional surfaces of great charm and personality.
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