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The New Segno & Sinuosa Kitchens, new modern kitchen concept by Giancarlo Vegni

This is a modern kitchens designed by Giancarlo Vegni for Effeti, I say modern, this is really modern in fact, the design that will renew your appetite for a kitchen in the future. The Segno is a modern kitchen, minimalist look with streamlined cabinets and handles, countertops and furniture seamless melding into a combined eating, entertaining and living space. White paint finish gives these cabinets longevity unlimited. But if you prefer a more vibrant color, the sinuosa has vivid yellow that illustrates the flexibility of this modern collection. Taking that one step further, this customizable, flexible kitchen designs can be angled at 45-degrees, so its configurations can take many twists and turns. For further detail specification visit Effeti site. – via – TD
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Black or White – Kitchen design ideas

In the previous post titled Be fresh be healthy, with healthy kitchen, there are collection of kitchen design with bright colors from Mint Value Kitchen. In this post I will give you inspiration for the opposite colors from the Mint Value kitchen design. It’s Mobalpa, French kitchen maker who tries to combine black and white on their kitchen design, simple but elegant enigmatic be own characteristic. It takes a good eye for combining these two colors to make it look dynamic and elegant. Here are pictures of kitchen design in black and white combination from Mobalpa, hopefully can inspire you in designing the kitchen.

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