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The best in home theaters from around the world

Behold, 6 best luxurious home theaters from around the world. Be prepared to set aside extra dollars to have this dream home theaters. Trust me, each is worth it.

1) Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) theater : $6 Million

Built by Jeremy Kipnis, the luxurious home theatre features an 8-foot IMAX-like screen, Sony professional projector, 16 18-inch Snell subs with one couch! Blessed with Sony SRX-S110 Professional Video Projector and other hi-tech merchandise the KSS theatre costs something like $6 million.

2) In-house Cinema : $3.4 million

The ‘In-House Cinema’ home theatre comes in 24-karat gold finish, hand embroidered fabric seats, antique candle holders, CAT/MBX speaker system that hides behind fabric grilles, Crestron touchscreen, astounding 12-inch 24 subwoofers.

3) Pirate-themed Home Theater : $3.4 Million

Owned by Paul Konold, the Pirate themed home theater has arched walls painted with murals from the Disney “Pirates”. It’s a DIY project that has turned out to be simply amazing. The Theatre has lobby upfront-Lafitte’s landing, carver amplifier, Microsoft Xbox 360, Panasonic projector, Polk Audio M5 Surround Speakers and Toshiba A35 HD-DVD Player.

4) Goldmund Home Theatre : $300K

The Goldmund Home Theatre comes packed with 128 speakers each of which has an identical amp, composite acoustic modeling program that offers a surround-sound theatrical experience, projector and massive screen.

5) First Impressions Themed Theatre : $300,000

The First Impressions Themes Theatre assembled by the Definitive Electronics team is owned by Jeffrey Smith. Digital Projection dVision 1080p, single-chip DLP projector, Lexicon MC-4 Music and Cinema Processor are the cool features that make this luxurious home theater one of its kinds.

6) Five-in-One home theater : $100K

From Aaron Vitale of Vital Building & Enterprises here comes the Five-in-One home theater that features a 35-by-45-foot theater space, high-definition Sharp projector with 720p and 1080i resolution, two Paradigm Signature S8 tower speakers and two Paradigm 15-inch subwoofers and much more. The list seems endless.

source : hometone

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