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The Captivative lamp, lamp made from plastic bottle tops and caps from Lula Dot

In a previous post an artist Paul Vilinski has created a flying butterfly that crafted from empty beer cans. And at this time another idea comes from Lucy Norman from Lula Dot, a company which aims to upcycle London’s waste into lasting beauty. This is Captivative lamp, a lamp made from plastic bottle tops and caps.
The following are some story and descriptions from LulaDot.com about this Captivative lamp.

Only 5.5% of plastic bottles sold in the UK are recycled, which leaves 40 thousand tonnes left to go into landfill each year. This is an ambient light made from plastic bottle tops and caps. Different bottle caps can be collected to change the light’s colour and pattern. CAPtivate has different stages, colours and effects, engaging the user in recreating the light continually, encouraging emotional durability. Each light comes with approximately 50 caps but to cover the light completely more bottle tops must be collected.[Lula Dot]
Please visit Lula Dot site for further information and prices.

image by Lula Dot / www.luladot.com

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