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The new wall decals collection from Walltat

Here is the new wall decals collection from Walltat. For those of you who do not know Walltat. Walltat is synonymus with WALL DECAL. According to their official site walltat.com; Wall Decals by Walltat are the newest alternative for wall and surface finishing. It provides the freedom to enhance accent areas with style and DIY ease. Walltat offers self-adhesive wall decals or “tats” as we like to call them. These wall decals easy enough to install yourself, and even more fun to install with a friend! Walltat is the perfect alternative for faux finishes and messy wallpaper glue. Cancel the painters, throw away the stencils, Walltat has arrived! Our artists have created exclusive designs that are sure to fit any theme or design genre. With a quick peel and stick application, you’re on your way to transforming those areas with potential into visual delights!

Please visit Walltat site for more wall decals collection.

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