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“Wardrobes Malfunction”, OOPS we wrongly written, this is wardrobe furniture from MisuraEmme

Are you looking for wardrobe! it’s the right choice because you’ve visited newshousedesign.com, because this time we found wardrobe collection from MisuraEmme – Italian Design Furniture which in our opinion, have a variety of attractive furniture designs, you are free to choose to customize your home interior decorating. Interestingly, these wardrobe are not only designed to be placed in the bedroom, but you can also put it in the living room, family room or other space according to your taste, because these wardrobe are designed as camouflage. First sight, we think this is a big wall with decorative wall panels. Please visit MisuraEmme site for further information.
Take a look.

image by MisuraEmme / www.misuraemme.it

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